Welcome to To Lead?

To Lead? is about excellence in executive coaching. Not simply a checklist of technical solutions and to-dos, but the development of your ability to think adaptively, listen inquisitively, and act with integrity. To lead at this level means not doing what is instantaneous or easy, but what is right.

This is and always should be your focus.

The role of To Lead? lies in helping CEOs, senior executives, and executive leadership teams navigate through challenging moments, push past self-doubt, and build their legacy as a leader. We believe that the decisions you make today become the narrative of you as an executive tomorrow.

Who is Peter Hislop?

Peter’s professional and personal life have a mixture of resilience and introspection. This has been shaped by extraordinary hardship and the need to dig deep to evolve and transform, to be the best version of himself.

This drove a relentlessness, this has shaped an edge that has supported leaders to unlock their capacity and potential. It is a powerful story of human endeavour.

In today’s world shaped by unprecedented disruption and change, the ability to adapt and grow at pace has never been more important.

Having honed this ability, Peter has achieved significant success as a leading international coach with executives and high potential leaders.

Peter guides others through a formative and refining approach that develops perspective, insights, and impact, enabling individuals to overcome real and perceived barriers. This centres on Peter’s unique ability to support talented people through challenge, stretch and discomfort – the hallmarks of today’s leadership – to be at their best.

How I can help

One-to-one executive coaching

One-to-one executive coaching.

Customised to the individual, one-to-one coaching elicits the most immediate transformational change. Whether it be improving communication with direct reports, stepping into a new role with confidence, learning to lead not just manage, and improving critical skills such as listening and rigorous self-awareness.

Executive Masterclass

Executive Masterclass

My signature 3-tier program to equip executive leadership teams and CEOs with the skills to drive true change within the organisation. Through a combination of online learning coupled with team workshops and individual coaching, you will learn new ways of thinking and working that challenge the status quo to help the organisation and its people, excel, succeed and win.

Elevate Membership

Elevate Membership.

For those who have gone through coaching or the executive masterclass, and want to continue developing their skills as a leader, I offer entry into our elevate membership. Each month, my coaches present on themes relevant to current business affairs, or relevant professional skills. You will also have access to exclusive coaching videos, a catalogue of articles to deepen your thinking, and tasks that help you consolidate learning and develop new behaviours while letting go old ones.

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