Senior executive coaching for transformational change

Empowering you for career triumphs in complex organisations: Elevating immediate efficacy, strategic selection, and unmatched presence
Are you worried you have less time to make an impact for your next role?

Do you wish you could demonstrate your capacity and readiness for that role?

As a senior executive, you’re accountable for the outcomes of your business unit. You lead a diversified team of team leaders, and your role is to ensure they meet both business and strategic goals while also contributing to successful cultural leadership.

However, your time is frequently hijacked by peers or their direct reports, which leaves little room to make decisions or focus on your own priorities.

Endless meetings drain your energy and hinder execution. It’s no wonder you avoid raising issues for fear of consuming more precious time.

The challenge lies in balancing ambition and maintaining your leadership reputation.

Do any of these sound familiar?

      • Despite participating in leadership development programs that inspire you and your teams, the lack of transformative action perpetuates stagnation
      • Cultural leadership goals, though well-intentioned, often add to the burden with additional priorities and time demands
      • The constant pressure to cut costs and allocate resources clashes with the growth mindset these programs promote
      • Without a clear succession plan in place, you worry about stakeholders in the next role opting to keep you where you are due to the absence of an obvious successor
      • You’re concerned about missing out on promotions or opportunities for special projects, feeling like you’re losing control over your career path and choices
      • You find that, despite your extensive experience and top-notch skills, you’re being overlooked for the critical roles you desire, as decision-makers opt to keep you in your current position

With no time for coaching in your busy schedule and little to no budget allocated for executive development, you might feel stuck in a rut.

Frustration mounts as you notice your team falling short or lacking the skills you possess yourself.

It’s disheartening, because you may have always been seen as high-potential, but you’re likely leading teams that don’t share the same level of potential.

You find yourself with limited choices, stuck accepting the status quo.

Coaching is all about making transformational change

You wish there was a straightforward solution, the kind you and your team are used to tackling.

But no matter how many books you read or TED talks you watch, the answer seems elusive. Plus, the thought of investing significant time in change can be daunting. You worry that altering your behaviour might weaken your power and influence, leading to potential ineffectiveness.

Transformation is challenging, especially when your work habits and mindset revolve around meeting others’ objectives. When your teams prioritise business as usual over inspirational change, survival becomes an everyday battle.

However, dealing with these challenges head-on is the only path forward.

Here’s the good news: transformative change is within your grasp – you just need to be ready for it.

You’re not after a checklist of technical fixes and tasks. What you need is to tackle those behaviours and roadblocks that have been holding you back for too long.

Leading at this level means being willing to undergo personal change first.

What I offer:
An ability for you to put yourself forward into strong direct pathways to more senior leadership positions.

What you get:
My support and confidence in a confidential environment. And a proven framework to help you move from inspiration and desire to transformation.


My focus isn’t just on giving you a list of things to do; it’s about developing your ability to handle those behaviours and obstacles head-on.

Coaching is all about making meaningful transformational change happen.

Drawing on my unique instinct, knowledge and deep experience, my role is to help senior executives and executive teams navigate change by making a personal commitment to lead, not avoid.

My ability to bring honesty and insight to the table has made me successful in coaching senior executives, politicians, boards, and CEOs.

As your personal coach, I will tap into your core qualities and enhance them, challenging you to become a more influential and effective leader. I will assess your current leadership style and equip you with the tools to take on greater responsibilities and influence.

Together, we’ll cover the following elements:

Knowledge Authority to Leader

One of the most significant shifts in moving from executive to CEO is transferring authority from a basis of subject matter expertise to a leadership authority. It will challenge your need to be right, and shift you to a renewed space of curiosity. Learn to let go of technical knowledge and empower your team and the people around you, simply by saying “I don’t know, what do you think?”

Importance of Listening

As a leader you have to allow your team to think deeply for themselves and encourage robust discussion. You have to learn to listen. This element will focus on your ability to ask open questions, to refine the quality of those questions, to listen without judgement and without the need to provide a solution.  

Challenging Assumptions

Executives must be on a relentless search for truth. To constantly challenge assumptions about their people, the environment, the culture, and to continually refresh the files that we build in our minds. Your neural pathways are wired to be fast, decisive and right. Recognising the need to constantly learn and adapt is the most difficult and the most important element to master and where coaching becomes a powerful force. 

Building Effective Teams

One of your most critical roles as an executive is to build a high performance team appropriate and relevant for the organisation now and into the future. The program will work with you to assess your team and its effectiveness, and build ways to create a resilient and adaptive culture that strives towards achieving your organisational goals and aspirations. 

Leadership Presence

Your leadership presence is built on a combination of individual and organisational values. The program will draw out these values, and create a foundation of presence that will appear through your passion for the enterprise and its customers, the ability to communicate and share that passion and the ability to manage the sense of power in the moment.   

Are you ready To Lead?