Transformational change starts here.


“Coaching is all about making transformational change.” 

The one-on-one executive coaching delivered by Peter Hislop is based on his unique instinct, knowledge and deep experience. His ability to bring truth to power has been the key driver behind his success as a coach to senior executives, politicians, boards and CEOs. 

The executive coaching program below is designed to draw out the fundamental personal qualities that exist inside you and enhance, develop and challenge you towards a more powerful and effective leadership presence. The program will assess your current management and leadership style and build techniques in you to take on increasing levels of responsibility and influence. 

The program will cover the following leadership elements:

Knowledge Authority to Leader

One of the most significant shifts in moving from executive to CEO is transferring authority from a basis of subject matter expertise to a leadership authority. It will challenge your need to be right, and shift you to a renewed space of curiosity. Learn to let go of technical knowledge and empower your team and the people around you, simply by saying “I don’t know, what do you think?”

Importance of Listening

As a leader you have to allow your team to think deeply for themselves and encourage robust discussion. You have to learn to listen. This element will focus on your ability to ask open questions, to refine the quality of those questions, to listen without judgement and without the need to provide a solution.  

Challenging Assumptions

Executives must be on a relentless search for truth. To constantly challenge assumptions about their people, the environment, the culture, and to continually refresh the files that we build in our minds. Your neural pathways are wired to be fast, decisive and right. Recognising the need to constantly learn and adapt is the most difficult and the most important element to master and where coaching becomes a powerful force. 

Building Effective Teams

One of your most critical roles as an executive is to build a high performance team appropriate and relevant for the organisation now and into the future. The program will work with you to assess your team and its effectiveness, and build ways to create a resilient and adaptive culture that strives towards achieving your organisational goals and aspirations. 

Leadership Presence

Your leadership presence is built on a combination of individual and organisational values. The program will draw out these values, and create a foundation of presence that will appear through your passion for the enterprise and its customers, the ability to communicate and share that passion and the ability to manage the sense of power in the moment.   

True Leadership Starts Here