Examine, refresh, challenge and extend your leadership abilities with Executive Masterclass.

Examine, refresh, challenge and extend your leadership abilities with Executive Masterclass.


Program Overview

Executive Masterclass is about moving the top executives forward to lead transformational change. The fundamental leadership elements that stand the test of the time have not faltered, and this program will immerse you in an experience designed to enlighten those qualities that already sit inside you and strengthen your ability to lead with renewed confidence. 

The program is delivered over ten online modules complemented by group workshops to embed these leadership elements in your executives. Personally developed by Peter Hislop and his team, this program draws out his instinctive coaching style and brings to life the concepts and stories where the typical response at the end is “that was the most powerful learning experience and the most important”. 

The modules cover the following topics: 


Putting the Enterprise First above yourself

“Putting the enterprise first is the only way you can amalgamate the dreams, wishes, hopes, and aspirations, into one clearly understood common purpose.”

This module is designed to remind the executive to operate with enterprise first in mind, and bring power to their leadership presence in putting the enterprise first, the business unit second, and themselves third.


Taking a Balcony View of your organisation

“Climb up to the balcony. Look down at the stage. See the people. See the backdrop. See yourself. Watching the people as they move around the organisation. It is about the movement.”

Executives must step back in this time of crisis and view the organisation and the external forces around it from above. It will step through the challenges that make it difficult to focus on the big picture, especially in these times, and reinforce the ability to elevate one’s view to influence the bigger picture.


Connecting and Learning Together as a team

“Learning together creates a core connection which provokes exchanges of ideas, interpretations and their own binding of intellectual respect in a team.” 

The importance of letting go of subject matter expertise and driving curiosity in teams is essential during times of stress, where the temptation to fall back into reliance on technical knowledge is high. This experience will teach techniques to inspire a learning culture even during times of crisis. 


Practicing Solidarity in executive decision making

“Executive solidarity is about putting aside your own ego, your own need to be right, your own view of the world, to follow, united, in every decision that is made by the executive team.”

Now more than ever, executive teams must stick together and stand by the tough decisions they are making every day to keep your organisation running in unprecedented times. Relationships need to be stronger than ever, and even through robust debate, this module reinforces this importance of solidarity in decision making.


Introducing Adaptive Leadership into your culture

“In adaptive leadership, there is no authority. There is no single authority. Which means that the person holding ultimate responsibility has to remove all of their hierarchical, intellectual and experiential authority from the room. That is what adaptive leadership is all about.”

Exceptional times call for exceptional leadership. The enduring stories about teams that perform under exceptional conditions will inspire you to apply these leadership techniques to your own organisation. 


Learning how to Think Like a CEO

“Thinking like a CEO is practicing to think right across the organisation. It is believing in one’s own ability to step into the shoes of people and examine critically the processes forming essential functions across and through the enterprise It is about foreseeing the intended and unintended consequences. It is about learning how to think deeply and strategically.”

Thinking like a CEO requires a deep belief in yourself and your ability to take on enormous levels of responsibility. Stepping through this process of practice and belief in oneself is where coaching delivers a powerful experience. Walking alongside your executives to allow them to step into their own shoes and take ownership of their presence and authority. 


Operating with Productivity and Effectiveness

“In racing to a level playing field of safety and comfort, we forget that the primary role of an organisation is to produce output. The productivity of an organisation directly impacts its profitability and its effectiveness determines its market share.”

This module reinforces the importance of productivity and effectiveness, particularly in the current climate, to ensure focus on output and ultimate survival. It covers the essential elements that make an organisation productive, and the measures of effectiveness that you must monitor and manage. 


Aligning your Intentions and Behaviours

“We judge ourselves by our intentions, and others judge us on our behaviours.” 

When intentions and behaviours are aligned, we can live and work authentically. Understand what creates the gap between the two and assess your alignment as an executive. Reflect on the effect it has on your team and your leadership presence. 


Leading Conflict and operating in discomfort

“If everyone in the room agrees with you, and are agreeing with each other, nothing changes. If everyone in the room cultivates the idea of conflict, the idea of challenge, the idea of adaptiveness, then you will create change.”

Learn how leading through conflict and disruption can produce market differentiation and blue ocean opportunities. Understand the leadership qualities required to manage these circumstances, and the powerful dynamics you can orchestrate to drive your team outside of their comfort zone. 


Searching for the Truth in order to succeed, exist and win

“Executives must lead their teams on a relentless search for truth. A mission that takes them to the very edge of the knowledge areas related to your industry. Being able to anticipate the trends before they occur and explore the extremes of what is possible.” 

Sometimes we are so firmly planted into how things have always been done, that we fail to see the great disruptions that could elevate an organisation’s products or services within their market. Creating opportunities for executives to think beyond the enterprise, is the ultimate call for an organisation to succeed, exist and win. 


Program Structure


The program structure will be designed around your operational needs during this time of remote working and limited face to face interaction. 

The online modules will be complemented with group workshops, facilitated either online or face to face, to allow executives to discuss their learnings and come together in a powerful, conversational environment. 

You also have the option of including one on one coaching sessions with Peter Hislop as the executives move through the course. We will work with you to design an individual coaching structure to support your executive needs.   

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